About the Owners

We are Stacey and David Vecellio, owners of The Cupola Barn.  We have always been a creative couple and knew that one day we wanted to open up a business that involved our entire family. Between the two of us, we have five kids and an idea that started with our oldest daughter who grew up saying that she was going to have a barn wedding.  When she grew up and actually did get married in a barn, we had to go outside of the Milwaukee area to find a barn venue large enough to house all of her guests.  This is where the dream began.  After several years of “talking” about our dream, one day, we decided to tour a couple of barn properties, just in case we found something we liked.  From there, everything went really fast!  Upon touring this barn, we knew it had everything we were looking for including good rustic bones and beautiful natural scenery.  Our house was sold and the barn was purchased.

The barn was originally built in the 1840’s and used primarily as a dairy farm and a one-room log cabin, built “pre-Wisconsin.”  Sometime in the next few years, an old Amish barn was taken down and added to the original barn making it the size it is today.  As construction started we realized we had a huge support system amongst our friends and family with different expertise and skill-sets that we have been able to utilize to make our property a stunning location for your fairy tale wedding.

As our dreams became a reality, our number one priority was making our guests feel at home.  We wanted to create a place that was naturally rustic and beautiful, but still allowed you to make it your own without breaking the bank.  The Cupola barn takes pride in attention to details and we are confident that the memories you make here will last a lifetime.  We’ve enjoyed seeing the progress we’ve made in just a short year and can’t wait to watch memories being made for years to come.