Frequently Asked Questions

Event Booking

If I reserve a date, how much money is due upfront? Do we make monthly installments, or is payment due all at once?

At the time the contract is signed there is a minimum of 50% of the total balance is due. The remaining balance is split into even monthly payments up until one month prior to the event date. The total cost of the event rental must be paid one month before the event or the contract may be voided. Payments can be made by paying cash, checks, or credit (with an additional 2.9% convenience fee). There is a $25 fee for any returned checks. Payments made by check can be mailed to:

The Cupola Barn
N88W35490 Mapleton Rd.
Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

Once my date is reserved, what happens if I need to cancel?

All cancellations or reservation changes must be made in writing. The guest is responsible for verifying that The Cupola Barn, David and Stacey have received their cancellation letter. Due to the nature of wedding planning, all payments made to date are non refundable and all outstanding payments will be due immediately. We understand that sometimes it is necessary to change or cancel a reservation, however, should you choose to cancel, we cannot refund any advance payment for a canceled reservation unless Cupola Barn has re-rented the same date with another wedding or similar event and the entire payment has cleared. Refunds may take up to 6 months more. We  will make every effort to re-book the barn, however, if it is not re-booked, you forfeit all monies paid. If a cancellation is successfully re-booked with another wedding or similar event, all funds with the exception of a $1,000 administration fee will be returned to the renter. Transferring your booked event to a different date on the calendar is allowed and will be subject to $250.00 administrative fee. 

What is included in my package?

All packages include the use of the interior barn and utilities, exterior grounds with boundaries pre-shown by the owners, parking, rooms for the bride and groom to get ready, upscale rustic portable restrooms, tables, and chairs for up to 200 guests, benches and church pews for up to 200 guests for an outdoor ceremony, 75 parking spots, use of our bar, buffet and cocktail tables, a speaker system and projector, refrigerator and freezer use, and a 1 hour rehearsal period the week before the ceremony at a time when the barn is available (Thursdays only). We also offer wedding coordinator services at an additional charge.

Are there any additional fees?  Why do you have a service charge?

Yes, we do have a service charge, but try to keep it as minimal as possible. While most vendors charge 15%-25%, our service charge is only $600.  A service charge is simply the fee for all service staff and operational expenses. The service charge includes the following tasks: setup of tables and chairs for the reception inside the barn, setup of benches for the outdoor ceremony site, take down of tables and chairs to accommodate for the dance floor, use of garbage and recycling containers and bags, parking attendants the day of your event, cleaning and stocking of bathroom items during your event, start-up and maintenance of the fire-pit during your event. 


Active duty Military discounts are available upon request. Only one discount may be used towards your booking total.

Are we able to have a rehearsal at The Cupola Barn?

Rehearsals are allowed, but not required. We have designated Thursday evenings for rehearsal times. Guests will be allowed a one hour rehearsal time slot upon request.

Set Up

On the event day, when do we have access to the facilities? What time can we start setting up?

Your package includes the venue from 11am until midnight, this includes setup and cleanup. A fresh cleaning is done by our staff prior to each event.

Will you be coordinating the day or do we need to have someone there to make sure the day stays on schedule?

Our staff will make sure the chairs and tables are set up both inside and outside prior to your event. We will also help adjust the layout if a dance floor is needed. We will be available for questions and to help direct guests to the appropriate areas. We are not responsible for keeping the timeline of your event. For an additional cost, we do offer wedding coordinating services.

We highly recommend hiring a wedding planner or assigning someone to coordinate the details of your event. You can refer to our list of preferred vendors for our recommendations!


Are there any restrictions when it comes to decorating?

All decorations must be removed without damage. The use of nails, screws, staples and tacks are restricted. Confetti and loose glitter are not allowed as it cannot be cleaned up before the next event. No open flames are allowed, we recommend battery operated candles. The Cupola Barn does not allow sparklers. Local ordinances do not allow fireworks, fire lit floating lanterns or string lights, besides what is already hanging.

What is your recommended table layout?

We use a combination of rectangular and round tables. Shoot us an email and we’ll send over the recommended layout for your wedding size.

What size are the tables?

Our round tables are 72″ and seat 10 people. Our rectangular tables are 8’x30″ and seat 10 people. The head table is 20’x28″ and can fit 14 across the back, however, we can wrap 20 around the entire table if need be.

Do you have any additional tables for us to use for gifts, desserts, etc.?

Yes, we have two wooden farm style tables that are approximately 5’x3′ and two wooden barrel tables that are approximately 8’x23.”  Additionally, you have access to two additional barrels, and 6 pub tables. 

Ceremony & Reception

How many guests can you accommodate?

We can accommodate a maximum of 200 guests.

Where can I have my ceremony?

Ceremonies can be held indoors or outdoors, however, we recommend having the ceremony outdoors as we do not have a separate indoor space for the ceremony and reception. If a ceremony is held indoors, guests would be seated at their tables and the walkway becomes your aisle.

What happens if I plan my ceremony outdoors and it rains or is too cold?

Your ceremony can be moved inside, if needed. If a ceremony is held indoors, guests would be seated at their tables and the walkway becomes your aisle. Tents can be brought in or rented from a third party, if needed, however, the town requires a permit for large outdoor tents to be setup. The Cupola Barn is not liable for inclement weather.

Do you have a designated dance floor?

Yes, however, if your guest count is over 130, we typically need at least 20 minutes between dinner and dancing to clear some of the dinner tables for the dance floor.

How late can we play music?

The latest an event’s music can run is 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights and 10pm Sunday through Thursday nights. The owners have the right to have the volume of the music decreased if it is louder than the county allows.

Food & Alcohol

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Yes, The Cupola Barn does not have a liquor license and will not buy, transport or serve alcoholic liquor, wine or beer. We allow beer, wine and mixed drinks to be brought into the barn and served to guests as long as the serving is managed by a licensed bartender and there is no charge for the guest to consume alcohol. We do not allow alcohol served straight up or in shots. Hosted service of liquor, by the client, must conclude at 10:30pm.

Can I select my own caterer?

Yes, the renter may decide what caterer to use. All caterers are required to work out of the catering tent staging area that has been provided on site by Cupola Barn. This area includes, working tables, shelving, hand washing station, garbage, recycle and electricity. The Cupola Barn reserves the right to charge your caterer a one time catering fee of $200 to cover the cost of designated area. If you should choose a caterer who has not been here, we will require a site visit from your caterer at least 1 month prior to your wedding day and are happy to meet with them even if you can’t be here. The Cupola Barn does not have a state inspected kitchen, therefore, no food can be prepared at the barn. Catering dishes should be washed off site, and there is no stove available.